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Joseph Pilates had it right over 75 years ago when he designed the Universal Reformer to work the injured and overworked feet of dancers. He felt the foot should be as strong and nimble as the hand and fingers.

Seventy-five years now, Stacey Lei Krauss created the willPower&grace® method.  Like many fitness trends that seem to appear at just the “right time” to meet our ever changing moods and physical needs, the time has come for feet to take center stage.

Why name a workout willPower&grace?  We each need the Will to accomplish that which toughens both the mind and body. We need the Power to will the muscles, joints and bones to “get up and move.”  Movement should be executed with safety in mind, and thus performed with control and precision, landing softly on our feet, with grace.


The WPG method is a 60-minute workout done solely with bare feet, starting with a warm up for the feet to promote better function, followed with a total body workout incorporating cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises.  The workout incorporates many of the more popular fitness concepts: Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic and good old fashioned aerobics.  The class is designed for all levels of fitness with the instructor giving cues as to whether you should work at Level 1,2, or 3.  Those individuals deconditioned, recovering from injuries, post-pregnancy and/or with musculoskeletal issues will be cued to work at a lower level with suggested modifications along the way. 

Find the Will to succeed; the Power to get it done and to do it with Grace.  Get to know your feet: 26 bones; 33 joints; over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Without the external support of a shoe, the foot will work as nature designed it. 

Come to class…leave your shoes at the door!
See more: www.thewillpowermethod.com

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