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Lonna Mosow, the “Mother of Twin Cities Fitness,” “the maven of movement,” reinstates her signature class, The Stretch Imperative Class (TSI)!  Lonna designed the TSI class over 30 years ago and it has continued to weather the times and continues to be as popular today as the day it was introduced at her Workout Studio.  The TSI embodies all of what is Pilates--a strong and stretched body with ideal postural alignment, lean muscle mass and a healthy spine.  With the popularity of Pilates, Yoga and other Mind/Body methods, the class targets what today’s exerciser is seeking. If you’re not as tall as you used to be due to lower bone density, if you’re unhappy with your hips and your arms that show your age, the TSI class is the perfect medicine!  Results are forthcoming! 

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The TSI class is like none other.  It offers the individual the means to better fitness with a unique blend of movements executed with a rhythmic gym ball and exercises at the “ballet barre.”  The class set the standard for the newly inspired “copy-cat” classes. But the TSI stands alone for it is the “original barre” class.

The class is beautifully choreographed to music that will lift your spirit while you de-compress your spine and stretch your capacity for exercise. This is not your typical “stretch” class.  Long before we knew about the Pilates Method or believed in the practice of Yoga, Lonna created a unique series of exercises that she considered “imperative.”  This is The Stretch Imperative class.

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