Lonna Mosow's
                                                 Center For Mind Body Fitness


Diana Lee Lucker

I have worked with Lonna Mosow for two years now and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Her patience and diligent adherence to proper form has strengthened my core, rid me of hip pain and made my back flexible. As an organist, my playing has become much stronger and I perform with greater ease and poise. I am grateful.”

Carol Retherford

“Lonna Mosow’s studio has been a life-changing experience for me. I stand taller, breathe better and enjoy life more fully. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and they work wonders! I have scoliosis so that the combination of Pilates and Gyrotonic has really made a difference in my life, giving me increased strength, flexibility and body awareness. I feel more centered allowing me to move easier with less pain and far few headaches. During each session, with the guidance of Linda, my trainer, I am able to focus to achieve real results with renewed energy. Lonna’s has given me the tools to improve myself, what a gift!”

Cindy Bottelson

“My weekly Pilates workouts began over a year ago under the amazing instruction of Lonna. My goal was to relieve lower back pain and discomfort and strengthen and tone my abdominal muscles. The results of these workouts have been nothing short of remarkable! My lower back has not felt this strong in many, many years and my energy level and focus have improved immensely. Thanks you, thank you, thank you Lonna for your professionalism, commitment and patience for helping me experience firsthand the mind body connection through Pilates!”

Guy Schoenecker

“Pilates has become a very important exercise for me. I’m a senior citizen and still work every day. Pilates helps keep my limbs and spine active and pain free. I’d recommend it for everyone at any age. Lonna Mosow’s studio is a wonderful setting to visit and exercise. I attend twice a week working with Linda, one of Lonna’s finest trainers.”

Jim Secord


“I always feel better after my Pilates session than when I walk in. It’s all Amy’s doing! She’s my “everything” therapist!”

Karin and Jeffery

Pilates has helped Jeffery and I both immensely.  I did Pilates before, during and after my third pregnancy.  The pregnancy and the delivery this time were both much easier due to the core work Pilates provided.  I feel stronger now than I was in my 20s.  Jeffery used to take around 6 Motrin every day for shoulder pain. After a few months working with Linda focusing on his shoulders he is pain free and stronger than ever. 

Jeffery and I look forward to working with Linda every week. Her positive loving spirit encourages us to work hard and keep reaching farther. Thank you Lonna and Linda for all that you have done for us!!

Soodi Pessian

“I came to Lonna’s with a newly diagnosed chronic disease that can be very debilitating affecting every aspect of my life. But that didn’t stop Lonna. I needed to preserve what little movement and functionality I had. She adjusted and re-adjusted the exercises to my needs to provide strength, flexibility and mobility back into my body.

Before I started with Lonna, I was working with a trainer three times per week, but realized that this training was worsening my condition. It was apparent that with my condition the health club trainers were not equipped to work with me. If not for Lonna’s attention to details, her knowledge and understanding of the Mind Body connection and The Pilates Method, I honestly don’t know where I would be today.

Lonna, you have really touched my soul and changed my life. Every time I leave the studio, I am a new person, physically and mentally. I feel as if my joints have been serviced and can give me another 200,000 miles! My other health care providers are impressed with my progress.

I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me and in turn I will let others know so that they too can reap the rewards. You have given me my life back.
I am a new person.”

J Dennis

I am a fitness enthusiast and have tried just about every piece of exercise equipment and workout method available. I also maintain a gym in my home.  But, I was looking for something different that could supplement and enhance my workout routine.  Specifically, I wanted a regiment that could challenge my entire body and expose and strengthen my vulnerable areas.  Additionally, I wanted something that offered maximum efficiency and produced noticeable results-Pilates met each of these requirements.

I have been working one-on-one with Lonna for the past several years and am pleased to give her the highest recommendation.  She is completely committed to the Pilates craft and possesses the expertise necessary to teach you the intricacies of the process with precision- After all she had the foresight to bring the Pilates method to the twin cities nearly two decades ago. So, if you are looking for a motivated professional to help you get to the next level and reach your fitness goals, Go see Lonna!

Do you want to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and balance, tone and lengthen your muscles, improve your alignment and prevent unexpected sports injuries?  Then Pilates is for you.  Are you looking for a small group or private training environment dedicated to helping you reach your fitness objectives and achieve maximum results?  Then Lonna Mosow’s center for mind body fitness is for you.

Nancy Brown

“One beautiful autumn October day in 2006, my friend invited me to join him on his motorcycle to enjoy the fall colors. My life changed that day when an inattentive driver struck us from behind. I was thrown 50 feet and suffered a fractured neck and back. I spent the next three months in a plastic cage completely immobile. Any movement would have resulted in total paralysis. I have always been very active so this was devastating news.

Months and months of physical therapy and pain management followed. My neck was “frozen” and the therapy was excruciating, often leaving me with migraine headaches.
My doctor recommended Pilates as a good form of exercise and so I signed up for some Reformer classes at a local gym. As I started researching more about The Pilates Method, I came to realize these classes were far from what they should be! I knew I needed to study with someone more educated, professional and true to the work.

I found Lonna Mosow and after my first three months my body was transformed! I now know how it feels to be strong and flexible! Having been so disconnected from my body as a result of my many injuries, I have truly experienced the mind body connection.I have a renewed sense of mastery and control. It’s fun and challenging without being intimidating. Lonna is a master at what she does and what she has done for me. She has inspired me to give back and become a Pilates teacher. I am on that journey now!”


Marianne Wexler

I look forward to my Pilates sessions at Lonna's because it is like an oasis for me.  Like a place of retreat in the midst of our hectic lives.  You leave Lonna's feeling so refreshed, invigorated and stronger.  Lonna's personal approach is the secret to my returning week after week.  I feel I have finally found something that works for me.  My Pilates sessions are one of the highlights of my week!"

Don Obernolte

I am a middle aged man, who was traumatically crushed by a falling tree resulting in sixty fractures and internal injuries to vital organs, which left me incapable of caring for myself. A life forever changed in less than two seconds.

What was presented to me at Lonna Mosow’s Center were the theories of Joseph Pilates (Contrology).  These theories of Mr. Pilates were applied to my physical condition by Amy and Lonna over the course of the last 3-1/2 years, taking me from helplessly bedridden and unable to bear weight  to completing a sprint triathlon in celebration of my third year of being alive in this amazing recovery that is shaping my new life.

Amy and Lonna continued my specialized Physical and Occupational Therapy where contemporary medicine left off. Pilates training gave me the active body that I have.
I started from being in a coma to not being able to speak, eat, bath on my own. Now,
my body is an entirely different and reworked machine

My fellow  men, Pilates( Contrology) was developed by a man for men.  Now is your turn to apply Joseph’s theories to your male body and life. In less than four years I have gone from weeks in a coma to swimming 800 yards, cycling 15 miles, and running 3 miles in a succession of Sprint Triathlon athletic sport events.

This is your chance to win your body back to serve your life and Lonna and her highly skilled staff can deliver as only The Masters can.  Lonna Mosow’s studio has been my noble enabler of fitness wisdom tailored to me. Please give yourself the investment of learning to empower your body. Lonna’s studio is the real deal, best of the best and you have it right here. Enjoy your body, it is the finest  machine you will ever have in your possession.

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