Lonna Mosow's
                                                 Center For Mind Body Fitness

I have received personal instruction and coaching in Pilates and Gyrotonic for a total of four years at Lonna Mosow's. The equipment and facility is first rate! Lonna and her associates are certified, personal, professional and maintain a high level of expertise. Their precision and exactness have been instrumental in helping me attain a longer leaner appearance, kinesthetic awareness and my mind and body working in harmony.
Rick Shepley, ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Bank Executive

The "M"in Lonna Mosow stands for Motivator, Master trainer and Mentor! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to come back!
Laure Evchuk, NovaCare Rehabilitation, Cudahy, WI

Lonna is wonderful to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable, understanding and approachable! A great teacher!
Nelsia Malenchak, Winnipeg, MB, CA

Lonna, you are a wonderful teacher and one that I can only aspire to be! Your energy and love of the work motivates me every time I take a course from you.
Thank you, thank you.
Deb Dodge, The Pilates Advantage, Medina, MN


I've been teaching for over a year, yet I have learned more than I ever dreamed possible in your workshops. My respect for you is enormous. Thanks.
Gloria Whites, Lady Wellness Health Club
Pilates Fitness & Rehab, Sioux Falls, SD

Lonna, you are a master. I feel privileged to work with you. Your humbleness invites Joseph's inspiration in!
Michelle Maher, YMCA Coon Rapids, MN

Lonna, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love of Pilates! I thank you as a beginner in Pilates for the integrity and respect in how you deliver the work.
Cheryl Clark, Brainerd YMCA, Brainerd, MN

Thank you for your humility, grace and energy to teach and also learn! You are right, there is never a time when we will have learned it all!
Charlene Correa, Sioux Falls, SD

I continue to marvel at the excellence and passion of Lonna Mosow. She is truly a MASTER that challenges and inspires me to be and do better. Mat 201 is a great addition to the curriculum.
Amy Bergeron, HeathEast St. Paul, MN

Lonna, you have a positive and encouraging style without deviating from the complexity and seriousness of The Pilates Method.
Annette Krisko, Prairie du Sac, WI

I have enjoyed every certification workshop I have done with you Lonna. I feel well prepared when I leave to deliver information back to my students. I also never have to look at the clock - you make the time fly!
Shawn Svendsen, River Valley Athletic Club, Stillwater, MN

Lonna, you are an inspiration and great mentor. You make the work understandable and easier to teach. Thank you for another great workshop.
Karen Dougherty, Home Body Fitness, Minneapolis, MN

Lonna, you are an awesome and incredible instructor! I learn so much from you. Your experience, professionalism and willingness to help make a difference in me as a teacher. Let me know when I can come back!
Megan DeGuire, YMCA, Milwaukee, WI


Lonna's passion for the art of Joseph Pilates is contagious. The 201 certification was a great learning weekend.
Therese Mamalakis, Flagship Athletic Club, Eden Prairie, MN

Lonna thank you for all you taught me during this weekend workshop. I learned more from you in this weekend than I had learned prior to this. You have a deep respect and love for Pilates and it shows in your teaching
Tammie Centeno, Janesville Athletic Club, Evansville, WI

Lonna, your knowledge and energy create such a wonderful learning atmosphere for such a great total wellness concept! I’m sure Joseph would be proud!
Reagan Adolfson, Hopkins Spinal Care Clinic, Hopkins, MN

Lonna, your approach shows respect for the work of Joseph Pilates, not only as an art but also as a science. After three days, I felt I have taken a giant leap forward!
Linda Nicoli, Physical Therapist, Excelsior, MN

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