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If anything could make your fitness regime any more  complete than your Pilates, Gyrotonic® or a fusion of  both methods it would be Suspension Training. 

Suspension training is distinguished from all other forms of
weight training in that a single anchor point supports the person’s
hands or feet while the opposite end of the body is grounded. 
It offers the perfect adjunct to your Pilates training in that it provides the ideal mix of support and mobility for strength, balance and coordination while putting your core strength to the test.  All of the exercises performed in this system rely on your Pilates core strength 
and stability.  Consider suspension training “Pilates On High.”

Suspension training has become the cornerstone for training the military in that it can be used anywhere, anytime with maximum results that focus on the body as an integrated system.  Conversely, this type of training is ideal for a variety of common orthopedic maladies and sport-related injuries.

Suspension training, like Pilates, has an endless number of exercises that can be performed in a variety of positions: standing, kneeling, side lying, face up or face down all of which will work the back, shoulder, chest, hip, leg and of course the abdominals.
Be you a beginner or an elite athlete, the TRX Suspension Training system is ideal.

Every now and then a new exercise “trend” comes along to promise the results that have escaped you for years.  Thank goodness for The Pilates Method, for it not only is here to stay, but affords continued results! 

The same can be said of the TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) Suspension Training system.

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