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No other program honors the legacy and legend of Joseph Pilates more profoundly than the Teacher Training Program offered at The Center for Mind Body Fitness

The training program in part is offered in association with The Pilates Physicalmind Institute (formerly the Institute for The Pilates Method) located in New York. The Institute was founded in 1989 by Joan Briebart who continues to operate as its director and creator. The Institute was solely responsible for alerting and educating the public to the value of this work, organizing and standardizing the Pilates Method with the intent of maintaining its integrity.  The Institute, in its infancy, was governed by a board of directors, many of whom worked directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates and their protégés and who are responsible for developing the initial guidelines for educating and certifying the next generations of teachers.

Lonna assoicated with the Institute at its inception when Pilates was just beginning to stage its “debut” and just when Hollywood began to take notice.  Lonna is considered the Twin Cities’      “Pilates Pioneer,” beginning in the late 1980’s when she began her studies with Joseph Pilates’protégé Eve Gentry as well as the most respected Pilates trainers of our time: Michelle Larsson, Jillian Hessel, Diane Miller, Amy Alpers, Alan Herman, Mary Bowen  and others.

To teach The Pilates Method is a course of study not unlike a college education.  The curriculum, from the Basic Fundamentals to the advanced work on the apparatus needs the commitment and passion of those seeking to represent the work without sacrificing its integrity.  Those individuals seeking the “gold standard” in understanding and communicating this body of work will find Lonna’s approach and interpretation sets them apart from the many that are looking for the “fast forward” training with a piece of paper at the finish. If your goal is to teach The Pilates Method and not just “Pilates,” go for the gold and learn from Lonna!

The Pilates Teacher Training Program and Certification is registered with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education as a “career” school offering individuals the opportunity of studying the work of Joseph Pilates to subsequently gain employment as a certified Pilates Trainer.  Please refer to all of the statues that this school adheres to in regard to school policies.

Lonna Mosow's Center for Mind Body Fitness is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 136A.821 to 136A.832.  Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution.  Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions. Complete statute click here.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education, 1450 Energy Park Drive,
Suite 350, St. Paul, MN 55108-5227
For complete statute and refund policy Click Here.

The Pilates Certification Curriculum and Class descriptions:
Evolution 101 – Pilates Mat Training Level 1
Evolution 201 – Pilates Mat Training Level 2
Concentration 101 – Pilates on the Apparatus Level 3
Concentration 201 – Advanced Apparatus training
Concentration 301: Rehabilitation Protocols/ Special Populations
Specialized courses offered with CEC’s:
            The Art of Teaching
            Pilates Program Design and Progression
(refer to Course Descriptions and Calendar)

The Evolution Courses:
The process of certifying in The Pilates Method has evolved over the last 20 years, until finally it has “come of this age.”  The Evolution courses are now done in part online with the individual accessing materials and guidance for self-study, thereby eliminating the need to commit to -specific dates and times of “workshops.”  Self-study and practice can be done in whatever time frame works for the individual.  The practicum aspect of the courses is done at this certifying studio with the necessary guidance, hands on and corrections by Lonna.  The individual can arrange for a one-on-one session to “pass” this portion of the training or can arrange to participate in a “group”session in accordance to the dates posted on this site. 

Evolution 101 (part I of a two part course) represents the “ground floor” for learning The Pilates Method, introducing the Basic 27 Fundamentals that define the work and sets the stage for all further education.  This aspect of the course is done online followed by the practicum scheduled through this certifying studio.  The practicum allows for “hands on” to begin to “find the real meaning of the work” based on the original Pilates Matwork. Correct body alignment, functional movement patterns and postural imbalances are evaluated. The new “Tye4” is used to assist in executing the exercises correctly
Note: Only when the practicum is scheduled and the participant passes the evaluation by the certifier is the Certificate of Completion given.  Certificates are awarded for a two year period with cec’s required to maintain current status.
(refer to Tye4 under What’s New for full description and use; and/or link in www.themethodpilates.com)

Evolution 201(part 2 of Level I)
As with Evolution 101, the course begins as a self-study online integrating the fundamentals with the 27 Classic Mat Exercises along with the reconfiguration to Standing Pilates and Circular Pilates to take Pilates to the next level for greater challenge.  During the practicum (scheduled through this certifying studio) participants will begin to reach deeper into their body to activate the deepest layer of core muscles (i.e. pelvic floor and transversus abdominus).  The use of the Tye4 will assist in experiencing the true depth of the work.
Note: Only when the participant as arranged for the practicum and passed the evaluation given by the certifier, will a Certificate of Completion be given.  Certificates are awarded for a two year period with cec’s required to maintain current status.
(read more: refer to Course Details)

Concentration 101(Equipment Certification)
This comprehensive course advances the Fundamentals and Pilates concepts to the three primary pieces of apparatus-Universal Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair.  The true work of Joseph Pilate can only be learned and experienced by utilizing the equipment in combination, thereby making this course a one-of-a-kind program with respect to learning The Pilates Method. Anatomy of Pilates, Equipment function, set up and safe use; Exercise repertoire;
Classic and contemporary exercise with variations and modification and the Methodology and Pilates techniques are incorporated into the course along with required hours of on-site class participation.
(read more: refer to Course Details)

Concentration 201 (Advanced Equipment Training)
For the experienced Pilates instructor looking to take their Pilates training to the next level
with the introduction of what is called “third level” teaching. As both instructors and students progress, the intent of the work is to find deeper connections in the pelvis, back, legs and feet with decreased effort and increased ease of movement. The true intention of The Method, to “move with ease, efficiency and economy of motion,” comes to life and perhaps for the first time one can “feel” the real essence of the work.

Concentration 301:Rehabilitation Protocols / Special Populations
The aging of the population has changed much of the focus of Pilates necessitating much altering of exercises, modifications of the classic repertoire and certainly more knowledge and experience on the part of the trainer to keep clients safe, yet effective in their exercise.  Age-related injuries and ailments as well as wear and tear demand a trainer with the skills to work with rotator injuries and post-surgery protocols, frozen shoulder, knee and hip replacements, spinal issues such as scoliosis and sacro-illiac disfunction, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis, arthritis and a host of muscular/skeletal and neurological complications.  This is the course to prepare the professional Pilates trainer ready to take on this population.

Specialized courses with CEC’s:
The Art of Teaching the Art of Joseph Pilates©
Lonna has designed a one-of-a-kind course that teaches you “how” to teach this complex body of work.  In order to attract and retain participants in group or private sessions, it takes an artful and well-orchestrated approach to delivering the concepts and real intention of the work and each exercise.  To teach The Pilates Method requires a “method” to teaching and Lonna has developed the course that sets the novice and the experienced teacher apart.

The Pilates Wunda Chair (and other models) is a wonder in itself in that Joseph Pilate designed this chair to not only challenge the mind and body, but to serve as a piece of furniture.  While we are unlikely to use it as such, it offers the advancing teacher (and student) the challenge of working with less assistance and more control.  The course offers a flowing and progressive exercise sequence to enable the participant to feel the “workout” and the control that is needed to not only execute the exercises with precision, but to stay safe while doing so!

Pilates Program Design and Progression
With the popularity of Pilates and the fast-forward training programs available, much is left up to the newly certified trainer to find their own way with class or client sessions and randomly introduce exercises with little or no meaning to meet the goals and/or needs of participants.
The Pilates Trainer is responsible for moving bodies, but how to do this with a logical, progressive and safe approach?  This course lays out a methodology as to exercise choice,
meeting participant’s objectives, needs and physical condition; consideration of level of commitment to the work; how best to support and enhance other forms of exercise and sports; deal with injuries and limitations and keep the client/class committed for the long term.

Pilates Certification Course Requirements and Schedule

Participation in no fewer than 20 Pilates Mat Classes lead by a certified Mat teacher
Or a Pilates Certification with another training organization
The study materials required by The Physicalmind Institute:
The Anatomy of Pilates (edition by the Physicalmind Institute)
The BodyMind Matwork video
Evolution 101 Teacher Manual
Tye4 (included with the cost of the course)

Dates (the online portion of the course must be completed prior to the practicum):

  • February 18, 2012 (group practicum)
  • Or schedule a one-on-one session at this certifying studio

Contact this certifying studio to schedule the practicum portion of Level I Mat Certification
For more information on course fees, materials, registration, etc. contact

  • Lonna Mosow, 952-941-9448; info@lonnamosow.com
  • The Physicalmind Institute at 212-343-2150, ext. 2
  • Or themethodpilates.com/matwork/evolution-10

Evolution 201
As with Evolution 101, Evolution is completed in combination with self-study and preparation online and completion of the practicum at this certifying studio.

Online participation (see website for full details)
Evolution 201 Teacher Manual
Anatomy of Pilates

No date is scheduled until the participant has completed the online portion of the course.
Contact this certifying studio to schedule the practicum portion of Level II Mat Certification.

  • For more information on course fees, materials, registration, etc. contact
    Lonna Mosow, 952-941-9448; info@lonnamosow.com
  • The Physicalmind Institute at 212-343-2150
  • Or themethodpilates.com/matwork/evolution-201

Concentration 101 (Apparatus Training)
In this 12-week intensive course, the concentration is on the understanding, function, set up and design of The Universal Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair and the exercise repertoire as Joseph Pilates developed it.  The student begins to see how the exercises layer on top of the Fundamentals and provide the means to transport the person into the depths of their body.
(refer to above for more details of the course)

Completion of Evolution 101
Evolution 201 (recommended)
Minimum of 10 personal Pilates sessions on the Equipment at this certifying studio.
Required materials purchased through the Institute

  • Anatomy of Pilates
  • Concentration 101 Teacher Manual
  • Cadillac Encyclopedia
  • Pilates Chair Manual
  • DVD: Deconstructing the Reformer Exercises

Course Requirements: (to be done at this certifying studio)
12 weeks each with a 3-hour lecture/discussion
48 hours observation
60 hours self-practice
75 hours practice teaching
Completion of homework assignments
Reading and viewing study materials

At the completion of required hours, the participant receives a Certificate of Completion as an “Associate certified trainer” and can begin to work as an apprentice.  Full certification is accomplished after 9-12 months of apprenticeship and successfully passing the final written exam (to be taken on line).

Date: Starts Thursday, March 22, 2012
Tuition: $2760. (payment plan available)
Materials: $125.
For further information on registration, requirements, materials and cost of the course, contact:
Lonna Mosow: 952-941-9448; info@lonnamosow.com
The Physicalmind Institute at 212-343-2150, ext. 2
Or themethodpilates.com/matwork/c
















































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